10 Ideas for Decorating with a Shower with Bench


Including a bench-style shower in your bathroom design can be both useful and fashionable. A shower with bench can be useful for comfort, convenience, and even accessibility. To make sure it blends in with the rest of your bathroom’s design, the area must be thoughtfully designed. In this post, we’ll look at 10 original decoration ideas for showers with benches. We can provide you with either an efficient and modern design or a refuge that feels like a spa.

1. The Classic Marble Haven

A traditional marble style is a timeless option for shower decor. To add a touch of luxury and elegance to your bathing area, install a sleek marble bench. Choose marble wall tiles to go with it or bright mosaics for a striking contrast. Any bathroom with this style will have a hint of richness, giving you a spa-like experience at home.

2. Rustic Wooden Delight

Consider installing a rustic wooden seat in your bathing area for a warm and inviting atmosphere. The soothing effects of the natural wood tones are ideal for people seeking a stronger bond with nature. To add to the rustic atmosphere and create a pleasant outdoor shower experience, use river rock tiles on the walls.

3. Modern Minimalist Chic

Fans of simple shapes and minimalist architecture will enjoy a contemporary shower with a chic bench. To create a modern design, choose neutral tiles in tones of white or grey and install a straightforward bench. This design gives the impression that the space is open and airy, giving the impression that your bathroom is larger.

4. Tropical Resort-Inspired Oasis

By adding a shower seat covered with lush vegetation, you may turn your bathroom into a tropical haven. Install a teak-wood bench in your space; it has a natural resistance to moisture. Include ferns and tropical plants around the seating area to create a vacation-like atmosphere right outside your door.

5. Elegant Glass and Chrome Combo

Combine a glass-enclosed shower with a sleek chrome bench for a chic and contemporary look. It is perfect for smaller bathrooms since the translucent glass enclosure gives the impression that the space is larger. The chrome bench elevates the entire appearance by adding a dash of sheen and elegance.

6. Playful and Colorful Accents

By selecting vivid and colorful tiles for the bench and shower walls, you may add flair to your bathroom. Play around with different patterns and forms to produce a captivating focus point. Children’s bathrooms benefit greatly from this design decision, which makes taking a bath joyful and fun.

7. Nautical Vibes by the Sea

By creating a bench-style, nautical-themed shower in your bathroom, you may recreate the beachy feel. Use sea-inspired blue and white tiles and add ship-inspired details for more flair. The seaside aesthetic is completed by rope accents and nautical-themed décor.

8. Vintage Charm with Clawfoot Bench

Consider installing a clawfoot bench in your shower area for a hint of traditional grandeur. Your bathroom will have a sense of history and grandeur thanks to the freestanding design. For a traditional, elegant look, use it with subway tiles or delicate floral motifs.

9. Mediterranean Dream

With a mosaic tile shower seat, you can turn your bathroom into a tranquil haven. You are immediately transported to the Mediterranean Sea’s sun-kissed coastlines by intricate patterns and inviting colors. Golden accents and fixtures add a touch of luxury while bringing the splendor of the Mediterranean into your daily life.

10. Sleek and Streamlined Accessibility

If accessibility is important to you, choose a shower with a bench that is suitable for your requirements. Install grab bars and a bench that folds down for convenience and safety. To avoid slipping and create a smooth transition between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, choose textured tiles.


The addition of a bench-type shower to your bathroom offers you the chance to express your sense of design and creativity. There are various ways to decorate your bathroom space, ranging from traditional marble patterns to contemporary minimalism. To design a shower area that precisely reflects your tastes and way of life, take into account your preferences, the bathroom’s overall theme, and any unique requirements you may have.


1.     Is it possible to fit a shower seat in a little bathroom?

Absolutely! To make the most of your small bathroom, use a compact bench and make use of space-saving design components.

2. Is a shower bench appropriate for older people?

Yes, a shower bench can provide comfort and assistance for folks who are elderly or have mobility issues while they bathe.

1.     How should a wooden shower seat be cared for?

Regularly seal your wooden bench with a water-resistant finish, and stay away from keeping it wet for too long.

1.     Can I mix and match several shower bench designs?

Certainly! You are welcome to combine different bench designs and materials to produce a distinctive and customized look.

1.     Are there any benches that are not built-in?

 Consider utilizing a strong, portable bench that you can quickly move into and out of the shower area if you like flexibility.

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